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Acupuncture websites :  TEM is a precise, multi-faceted, effective tool that offers traditional Chinese medicine the innovations of Western technology.  Complete database of Chinese herbs and formulas, including prescription tools for professionals and information on manufacturers and retailers.  Resource Portal for acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Hundreds of links to articles, info, practitioners, organizations, and more. Online forum.  TEM method (Meridian Equilibration Test) is a modern methodologie for acupuncturists. This method offer an automatised protocol for diagnosis. Can be used with acupuncture needles, with moxa or with a soft laser.  French website about information and formation to acupuncture.  Web pages of the Institute for Teaching Contemporary Acupuncture (Belgium). Learning acupuncture within 2 days ?  Web pages of Paris-13 University  Intestinal Disease: Your Comprehensive Informational Website by Dr Gary Weinberger  Algemene Belgische Acupuncturistenvereniging Diploma China.  Marco Polo Direct is the leading European supplier for single use acupuncture needles. The needles are sterilized by radio-ionization in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia. Sales of moxa and acupuncture supplies. Caution: As specified by European Directives, national Laws and Health norms, acupuncture needles showing the CE mark are medical devices strictly for single use. They must only be used once. They must then be disposed of in accordance with regulations for the disposal of medical waste. Sales in all European Union countries, Norway and Switzerland.

Natural remedies by LaboSP  LABOSP is the first brand of the group NHM (Natural Health Means) created within the company in 1998 Its goal is the development of dietary supplements as true natural therapeutic means.

ASF - Acupuncture Without Border  The international association to help people and teach acupuncture

Others sites to discover the region where Marco Polo Direct is located in France :  To know more about Albi  The website of the Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, a well-known technical university

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