Marco Polo Direct  

Who are we?

MPD is Europe's largest supplier of disposable acupuncture needles.
The needles are sterilized by radio-ionisation according to the European pharmacopoeia standards.

We're also the first European brand to receive CE approval (medical material quality label) for our needles.

MPD was a pioneer in promoting disposable acupuncture needles.

Security The risk of infection (for both patient and practitioner) is eliminated.
Economy The fastidious task of cleaning and sterilization is also eliminated.
Comfort A "used" acupuncture needle is duller than you think. It is difficult to insert and can be painful.

We commissioned the École des Mines d'Albi an engineering university in the south of France to study the effects of re-use of needles.
The results are surprising. A summary is here.
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